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Dorota Trzeciecka, P.L. is a mediation practice firm with emphasis on commercial and business disputes and residential foreclosure disputes.   


Mediation makes good economic sense for both companies and individuals.  In no area where a dispute arises, is litigation the best answer.  The beauty of a solution derived through mediation is that it is limited only by imagination of the parties involved.  That is why I am a big fun of resolving disputes through mediaiton.  Find out more about the benefits of mediation by clicking on this link.  About Mediaiton.



What Makes Dorota Different

Dorota encourages open communications betwen both sides with a view of exploring novel solutions.  She helps parties to move away from their fixed positions and truly see the other side's interests.  She endeavors to commit the parties to the ceiling and holds them to that committment throughout the mediaiton session.  The result is the settlement that it is more likely to be enforced and the relationship between the two parties to be maintaind, not to mention the advantages of the time and money that is saved.  

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