The Dorota Trzeciecka, P.L.

About Dorota

Dorota has been a practicing commercial litigation attorney for the past thirteen years and a circuit civil mediator since January 2005.  As a litigator, Dorota could predict a resolution to a legal dispute the minute a partner handed her a client's file. Yet, the business of law, as it is, compelled her to litigate the matter, only to achieve the very same result she had predicted for the client from the outset. Disheartened with the litigation process, its cost to the clients in terms of time and money, Dorota dedicated herself to mediation. 

Dorota is proud of her Polish heritage and her ability to speak fluent Polish. Growing up in Poland during 1970's, Dorota mastered Russian language.  She is diligently working on reviving her knowledge of Russian and Russian culture, giving the increasing demand for Russian speaking mediators, brought by the growing number of immigrants from the former Soviet Republic.